Do you have a large employee turnover?
Are you having trouble building a strong team?

The process of selecting an employer begins with reviewing the information submitted by applicants to determine which will meet the requirements of the job. Once the possible candidates have been selected, we strongly recommend a pre-employment inquiry.

A pre-employment inquiry may seem expensive and not necessary for some companies. Yet the effect of pre-employment inquiries can only be positive. The costs of a pre-employment inquiry are minimal compared to the costs of dismissing an employee and training a new employee. It has been shown that high staff turnover decreases organizational productivity and increases costs (Heppell, N & Jalette, P.).

Our goal is to present you the facts. The idea is not to refuse a candidate for the presence of antecedents or other factors on the record, but rather to make an informed choice whether or not to engage an individual with all his or her baggage. Inquiries confirm the submitted information of the candidate. It serves to verify the authenticity of the individual who is in front of you. Investigative Assistance takes the time and resources to confirm the integrity of your candidates.

  • Detailed investigation report within 48 to 72 hours.
  • Are his references valid?
  • In-depth questionnaires on organizational skills and tasks
  • Does the candidate have the necessary accreditations?
  • What are his experiences related to your field?
  • Can he bring additional expertise to your organization?

Pre-Employment Inquiry

We can not prevent the bad intentions of a future partner / employee, but we can reduce the risk by observing the facts.

What the service offers you:


    We check employers and references on the job application. We always go through the human resources department to first confirm the job of the candidate and the person referenced with his position. We want to make sure that the information on the job application and the references on it are valid.

    • Are references valid?
    • Double check on references
    • Duration of employment
    • Reason of departure confirmed
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Recommendations

    A simple overview of the background can give you a good idea about the individual in front of you and could impact your entrepreneurial decisions. The image of a company or organization is of great importance. Do not let an individual tarnish your company’s reputation with a hidden file.

    • Volunteer Jobs
    • Working license
    • Employment with vulnerable clientele

    The credit report gives you an idea of your candidate’s payment habits. It can also tell you everything related to unpaid accounts, collections or bankruptcies. Some judgments will also be recorded depending on the case.

    • Fraud
    • Bankruptcy
    • Judgments
    • Identity verification
    • Credit experience

    The honesty of your candidates will be tested in this section. When you are looking for a new employee for a specific grade, you need the associated academic and professional credentials. This section is of great importance, it will confirm the integrity and specialization of the candidate’s field of employment. We will do the accreditation checks according to the different institutions for you.

    • Diplomas
    • Professional Accreditation (Ex: CPR Course, Work Permit, BSP, etc.)
    • Professional certification
    • Driver’s license

    Your employee represents your company wherever it is. The rise of social networks forces us to adjust our research. Information travels at a blazing speed. It is important to understand that privacy and work are divided. On the other hand, public information networks can have both positive and negative impact on an organization.

    • Aggressive trend
    • Negative representation of the organization on social networks


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